Goal: Our goal is to prepare 12,000 Title I middle school students to transition to high school performing at grade level and on track to succeed.

Across the National Capital Area, young people are dropping out of high school at an alarming rate: 160,000 per year. Research shows that most students who are at risk of dropping out of high school were also struggling during middle school. 

In our community, children living in poverty face numerous barriers to achieving academic success and overall wellness, including a lack of academic support, parental engagement and limited access to medical and dental care. To increase high school preparedness for low income students in our community, United Way NCA is convening partners in targeted middle schools to provide services that address barriers and help children succeed.


Our Approach

United Way NCA has launched a new initiative to bring partners together to provide wraparound services in targeted Title I-funded middle schools. The collaborations will address the academic and non-academic needs of low-income students and their families, and prepare students to transition successfully to high school performing at grade level. Our plan will extend to each of the eight regions we serve by June 2020. 

In addition to academic support, students will have access to regular opportunities to participate in physical fitness and health and wellness activities through Fun, Fly & Fit.

As part of our work to help families achieve financial stability, we will offer parents at participating schools financial stability resources including money management counseling, financial planning and other services to assist them in creating a budget, saving money and planning for the future. 

For the first phase of our initiative, we will be working with schools in the District of Columbia, Prince George's County and Alexandria.

In the District, we will be collaborating with Communities in Schools, Nation’s Capital in Johnson Middle School and the Cardozo Education campus. In Prince George’s County we will be collaborating with Latin American Youth Center in Buck Lodge Middle School and William Wirt Middle School. In Alexandria, we will be collaborating with Communities in Schools, Northern Virginia in Francis C. Hammond Middle School. 


Become a Mentor

Another important aspect of our education initiative is connecting students with caring adult mentors. United Way NCA and Deloitte bring together nearly 30 mentoring organizations through the regional Mentoring Matters collaborative.

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